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 Come and join us for the beautiful adventure in July 2018

If you’re looking for or are trying to plan an exciting and rewarding holiday in Mongolia, Monglobe Travel  is here to help you make that happen and find the right one for you.  Our primary aim is to offer our guests the most authentic and memorable travel experience during their stay in Mongolia.  Our team members have extensive experience and accumulated priceless knowledge about the most authentic and exciting experiences around the country over many years. 

We organize a number of trips around the country. While our horseback journeys and treks allow you to experience Mongolian horse riding culture and nomadic lifestyle, our nature journeys allow you to explore the unique and exotic destinations of Mongolia. Our fly fishing trip allows anglers to enjoy some of the best fishing rivers and streams in Mongolia.
Our tailor-made holidays offer you the freedom to create the adventures of your own dreams. Starting from scratch, we can build your itinerary based around destinations and activities of your choice.
We can say with confidence that you’ll find our tours to be action-packed and full of adventure, travelling through Mongolia to experience its culture and natural wonders, as well as meeting the local people.
When you explore Mongolia with us, you’ll find yourself going much further than just looking, taking a photo and then moving on. You’ll appreciate all the experience by staying longer, interacting with nature: getting in amongst the mountains, walking on the sand dunes, trekking through the forest, hooking a fish on dry flies in beautiful streams – really soaking up the atmosphere of the place you’re traveling through.

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